8 Foot Extension Pole for V-Board Placement - IN STORE ONLY

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  • 8' extension for placement of 8' V Shaped Boards/Edge Protector.
  • The V Shaped Board extension handle makes it easy to set the V Shaped Boards/Edge Protectors in the correct place, without climbing onto the vehicle.
  • PROTECT YOUR TARPS AND STRAPS. When you tarps a lot of loads, you need your tarps to last as long as possible. When tarps are damaged by cargo’s sharp edges or corners, those abrasions cut right into the tarps’ lifespans.
  • Easily placing corner protectors dramatically extended the life of your tarp and reduces your rate of tarp replacement. A v shaped-board extension handle can help with that.
  • NO-HASSLE PLACEMENT. Placing corner and edge protectors can be a hassle, especially if you need to move a ladder all around to load, to climb onto different platforms to reach the right place. Fortunately, v shaped-board extension handles eliminate that stress.
  • With an extension handle, you can easily place corner protectors exactly where they need to be while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • SOLID POLYURETHANE GRIP. The durable plastic grip on the v shaped-board ensures that the corner and edge protectors don’t slip out of the tool’s grasp while you raise it, yet easily slide out from the grip once the protector is placed.
  • DURABLE. This extension handle is made of durable, heavy-duty polyurethane plastic, designed with strength and dent-resistance in mind.
  • PORTABLE. The v shaped board handle is incredibly lightweight, clocking in at only 5 lbs! This makes it easy to carry, store, and transfer from truck to truck.